Power up: All we need is love!

At Global Warriors, we’re on a mission to transform relationships in the workplace. In fact, we think our connections are key to solving the complex challenges facing all of us – and creating our biggest impacts as individuals and organisations.

In the month when romantic love is so often celebrated, we’d like to take the opportunity to celebrate just how much love we can experience in our day to day work. And to introduce you to a brand new way to POWER UP your team with us.

Why love made the difference to lockdown

In the past 2 years, many of us have walked alongside each other through the most challenging period of our lives.

It hasn’t always been easy, personally or professionally.

The way we work has undergone deep and lasting shifts.

And most of us have been lucky enough to witness some truly inspiring examples of everyday courage, compassion, and yes – love.

● The new hires who leaped into their roles, without ever having met their colleagues in person.

● The leaders who stayed true to their visions and inspired their teams – in between homeschooling and lateral flow tests.

● The colleagues who showed up with smiles, support and compassion that kept us all going – from puppy gifs in the team chat, to the simple question at the start of a zoom call – “how are you really doing?”.

You can probably think of your own examples.

As individuals, teams and organisations, it’s love for our fellow humans that got us through the most challenging times.

And as we begin to emerge from the pandemic, we’re only just beginning to understand just how fatigued we are. What we need to recover is a sense of collective support. Trust that we don’t have to do so alone. Connection with those who’ve weathered this storm alongside us.

It’s love that will continue to strengthen us to adapt and respond to whatever fresh challenges come our way.

So how can you show your team some love?

As we begin to explore what a post-pandemic future might look like, we’re thrilled to be supporting leaders to show their teams some love with our brand new workshop, POWER UP for teams.

POWER UP is a powerful, virtual experience to help rekindle your collective spark and recharge your connection – and it builds on our past ten years of coaching and developing top level teams across the globe.

Whether your team has felt the love over the past few years, or feel as though the strain and stress is beginning to take its toll – this workshop is designed to rekindle the spirit, passion and impact of your team.

In this one day virtual workshop, plus all the support that goes with it, you’ll…

● Gain a better understanding of your team’s dynamics,
● Harness your collective strengths and support one another, as you
● Power up for the times ahead, and
● Receive expert tips and ideas for ongoing, future development

Click here to find out more.

Who is POWER UP for?

If you’re a high-performing team, and connection and performance really matter to your work, this development workshop will charge up your recovery – and give you the resources you’ll need to go the extra mile when you next need it.

We know we can take technical challenges in our stride. Humans are incredible when it comes to solving problems, and finding elegant shortcuts to bridge gaps and meet needs.

What allows us to arrive at these solutions – to create miracles – is the power of working together. Of collaborating, of connecting, and of trust.

We’d love to help you power up your team.

Visit the POWER UP for Teams page to find out more.

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