POWER UP for Teams

A virtual, one-day workshop to fire up your team and rekindle their spark.

Even the best performing teams lose their spark sometimes. Especially now, in a challenging, online world, showing up at your best, staying connected and maintaining momentum – all that can be hard. And that’s a problem when you need to bring results.

As remote working and zoom fatigue become our new norms, is it time POWER UP your team?


“I REALLLLYY enjoyed today and usually dread these ‘away days’ but it has been invaluable and informative.”

The whole training was amazing! … It was what we needed as a team after the last year of disconnection-connecting again :). The material was rich and super relevant. A lovely day 🙂

POWER UP for Teams will rekindle the spirit, passion and impact of your team.

This inspiring, online session will help them re-connect with their collective power, renew their commitment, and leave the session feeling invigorated, focused and ready to take their next steps.

What You’ll Get

  • A proven online workshop format, that ignites your team and has real business impact.
  • Consultation with you/ your team leader, both pre-and post- your session.
  • Diagnostics to help understand the team’s dynamics and current state.
  • Pre-session Welcome Call to orientate the team and have them fired up, ready for the day when it arrives.
  • Practical tips and tools to channel renewed energy into inspired action.
  • A ‘learning takeaway’ for everyone to keep and refer back to later.
  • Follow-up meeting plus a report with our tips and recommendations for where to go next.
  • And a personal Ignition Kit for everyone whenever they need an extra boost.


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Thank you so much for the day, …. it went down really well with our team and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive”

Relax, we’ve got this!

Understand your team dynamics

Harness your collective strengths and support one another

Power up for the times ahead

Get expert tips and ideas for future development

Enjoy a day of ignition that you and your team will love!


(click to download further information)

Is POWER UP for Teams right for you?

 We’ve put together some of the most often asked questions on the right.  Just click on the ‘+’ to see the answers.

What are the benefits of POWER UP for Teams?

POWER UP for Teams was designed to be as easy as it is effective. You want to raise morale, connect your team and energise them towards meeting your goals. And you’re busy! It’s often hard to find the time and headspace for designing and creating your own team day. There is also great value to be gained in stepping back so that you can work along-side your team members and be a participant for once.

So, we take away the hard work and deliver a team day with you (and for you) that is proven for its powerful impact and long-lasting results. You’ll receive a report with our suggestions for moving your team forward. And we’ll be with you all the way.

Team building days often promise a lot. How can I be sure we’ll get the results we want?

Firstly, there’s a world of difference between team building which is about ‘getting away’ together over a bonding experience and having fun versus POWER UP for Teams. This is a team development experience offering the team a chance to explore its potential to become greater than before.

Secondly, we facilitate a session which is for everyone – not just a few, and we listen very carefully from the outset to you and your team members to understand your goals, your hopes, your concerns and your current dynamics as a team.

Thirdly, our role is to then create a session that includes opportunities to learn and to apply that learning. We challenge thinking, encourage participation, and manage the process, providing top tips to get the most from the day.  And we build in accountability for follow through action by yourselves. That’s how you’ll get results.

This sounds good, but my team is complex. We might need more support than this. Can you help?

Absolutely.  During the last decade we have helped countless leaders and their teams to transform and achieve great results – all against a backdrop of constant change and uncertainty.

We work with both in-tact and dynamic teams in a variety of formats that include team coaching,  team development, and team leader development. All of them are customised to meet specific needs of the team and organisation.

Find more information on our Courageous Teams page or contact us directly 

Is it really possible to ignite a team in a virtual environment?

100%. We know very well what it’s like to feel ‘zoomed out’. Whilst we have delivered learning and development via video conferencing platforms for years, the pandemic prompted our experienced design and facilitation teams to take extra steps to create a huge variety of creative exercises and methods that meet diverse needs and encourage high participation levels. They also ensure there are lots of breaks and movement to keep energies where they need to be throughout. So, don’t worry. This is very different from a typical online meeting.

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