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Our Latest Thinking

Who you really are

Can you let your coworkers feel comfortable with who they are? Can you make your team a place where it’s ok to be you? How can you invite the circle of people you are in closest contact with to feel valued and safe to be authentic, human and imperfect?

Living and leading in a dynamic world

In a dynamic world, the ability to harness and transform energy will set apart the companies of the future. Crises become opportunities, stress becomes inspiration, work becomes play.

Flipping the script on rest vs. productivity

Resting our thinking brains, it turns out, is critical for us to achieve optimum cognitive performance and relate to others most effectively. Given this new understanding, it’s not surprising to find more and more leaders advocating rest as an intrinsic part of performing well.

Courageous Leaders

Turning managers into leaders, turning leaders into warriors. Now being delivered globally in a virtual format.

Courageous Women

NEW virtual programme launched 2021: Cultivate equality and resource future leaders in your organisation.

Courageous Teams

The best teams radically transcend the sum of their parts. Help your teams thrive and make an impact – now delivered as a virtual programme.

Courageous Coaching

How can we help you embrace your full potential – as a person and as a leader? Online and in-person coaching for leaders at every level.

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