Thought for the week: The ultimate luxury

When you aim to reach a big goal or solve a tough challenge, you’re using your leadership to make a real contribution. You use your talent, experience and drive to move forward and make an impact.

And when you combine that desire to contribute with your passion – the values which motivate you on a deeper level – you perceive your day-to-day activities in a different way.

Passion lights us up; helps us to see the “big picture” and to understand how our actions can influence and impact others far beyond our immediate sphere.

There’s an intrinsic pleasure or sense of fulfilment that comes when we know our hard work is also making a difference to something we feel deeply passionate about.

  • How often do you make time to reflect on how your work is contributing to your passion?
  • How might it change your experience to tune in consciously to the “luxury” of fulfilling work?
  • Is there an opportunity for you to bring more of your passion to the contribution you’re making?

Leaders who are motivated by making a contribution can have a real impact. When we infuse that contribution with passion, we become truly inspirational to those around us.

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