TFTW: Redefining joy

This is an ancient, now somewhat obsolete understanding of the word ‘influence’. Nowadays, it’s more usual to talk in different terms: of exerting our influence over others.

And as leaders, we often believe we must learn how to influence better; to use our personal power more skillfully to affect change or get things done.

Yet nature’s systems show us that the opposite is true. In nature, energy flows into receptive space and from that, manifests life.

Receptive space is needed first, so that ‘influence’ may occur. This is when true co-creation happens: a fluid, dynamic, beautiful transformation of all through all. Leading by influence is our ace card.

What if growing your influence with someone is to be more open, receptive, invitational?

What if you let go of your need to be expert, or in control, or professional, or directional, or __________ (fill in the gap!)

What might that yield in your relationships that is different or new? For you and for others?

Something to ponder and play with as the week unfolds.

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