It's OK if you disagree with this

Great teams are the key to great success. And yet, sometimes, we find it difficult to appreciate or see eye to eye with our colleagues, or agree with their opinions.

Hopefully you are nodding in agreement reading this, because this is completely normal and very healthy… but if you do not agree, that’s okay too!

If we all agreed and all thought the same way all the time, we wouldn’t be as innovative, resourceful and impactful.

If you find someone difficult to agree with or you just don’t understand where they are coming from, keep in mind that each person in the team has a unique background, knowledge and experience.

If you can listen to them, get curious, hear out other options and learn from your peers, this difference is the key to successful teaming.

No one person has all the knowledge and experience of the collective team, no matter how brilliant you are.

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