TFTW: Redefining joy

Many people assume that leaders are defined by the power they hold. But that’s a narrow, and somewhat outdated, concept of leadership.

When we talk about warriorship, we think about taking leadership to the next level. A warrior isn’t a remote participant. They are active participants in the movement they are shaping; their bold actions and courageous approach inspires those around them, sending ripples outward. 

To be this kind of leader, you need a vision powerful enough to move others to join you in bringing it to reality. And you need to be prepared to take responsibility for making it happen. That responsibility can take many forms.

  • Being responsible for managing your energy and wellbeing, so that you’re able to make powerful decisions
  • Being responsible for conveying your vision to those around you, so they’re able to take initiative in the way they contribute
  • Being responsible for navigating challenges and supporting your team to move past tough times with an attitude of openness and growth

When we begin to think of leadership in terms of vision and responsibility, we acknowledge that there are two important aspects:

We must be attuned to the vision we have for the future; and we must honour our relationships with the people who will help us bring it to fruition. 

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