TFTW: Redefining joy

Ever started the week hoping you would be lifted up, energised, supported or celebrated by someone? Or ended it feeling moved by a simple act of kindness that made all the difference to your experience?

It happens to us all. As much as we may love, enjoy or find energy from our work sometimes we need a little help.

One way to energise yourself is by doing something that is aligned to your values and for an extra boost, do something for someone else.

Whether you need a lift or not today we challenge you to make a positive impact in your team, teams and relationships.

  • What’s one thing that you might really enjoy doing that supports your teammates or one of your team mates? Taking time to listen to a colleague, tell them where they are doing a great job, acknowledge that you enjoy working with them or just offer to support and assist…. It could be the lift that they and you need.

The secret of great leadership is being present – to you and those around you. Then you can see what’s needed to lift you all.

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