True wisdom

“Horse sense” encompasses much more than its traditional meaning of “common sense”.

Horses are herd animals, and are instinctively attuned to make decisions based on the strengths and weaknesses of the collective. So the wisdom of horses includes a knowledge of the herd (team) dynamics of which we are a part.

Take some time to ponder whether this kind of “horse sense” might be just what is needed to support your enthusiasm and passion for your vision as a leader.

  • Would you stretch further, gallop stronger, or have time to feed your energy reserves better by leveraging your “herd” and your role in it more effectively and enthusiastically?
  • Are you stepping into the leader role when required, and passing to a domain expert when the time and situation is right – or are you trying to do all positions of leadership in the herd all the time…?

Think about your family herd, work herds or any other you are a part of.

And remember, for each situation that you bring your personal awareness and consciousness to, you have the potential to feed success: whatever that might mean for you.

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