TFTW: Redefining joy

All too often we can be swept along by the energy and momentum of the events, opportunities and people that come our way.

Whilst every opportunity may seem valuable, it is not necessarily every opportunity that enables you to honour your values or bring your true value.

As a leader it is crucial that you stay connected to your own inner ‘north star’, your values-based purpose and vision, and stay grounded in your truth and commitment… for the sake of your fulfillment, relationships, work, and wellbeing. 

This week we are inviting you to practice making conscious choices. Rather than saying “yes” to every opportunity that presents itself, filter this through your values and purpose and bigger vision.

This is saying “YES” to your deeper commitments, to yourself, to your key relationships and what is important around you. (Even if it means saying “no” to an invitation you’d normally find it hard to resist.)

It is all in the choices –  the conscious choices – we make!

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