TFTW: Redefining joy

“The Edge” is the point where what is certain slips away.

One of the tools we aim to build as warriors is the capacity to take a big leap of faith into the unknown and create powerfully from the limitless possibility and opportunity that exists in this space.

This often takes a big swing out of our comfort zones, our known, and so can be a place of initial discomfort and uncertainty. Yet moving through the “edge” brings with it great opportunity for growth, transformation and freedom.

  • How have you been living your life on the edge?
  • Do you stretch into your full range and potential in the realms of the new and unknown?
  • Or do you tend to play within the comfort of your known and perceived limits?

This week we encourage you to explore the potential in uncertainty. How could your discomfort be a doorway to bigger growth and opportunity? What opportunities are there to get curious and play with your habitual responses here?

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