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Action without vision is only passing time. Vision without action is merely daydreaming. But vision with action can change the world

Nelson Mandela

 Everyone here at Global Warriors is here because we chose to be here. We’ve all had different lives and different careers at some point. But each one of us felt a calling to do something else – something that creates an impact in the world. This is fundamental to everything we do. Knowing what you need to do is not enough – you need to know why you are doing it for it to truly have impact.




Our ‘why’ is to inspire the next generation of leaders and change the world. Here is how we do it:


Courageous Leader

From leaders to warriors

The next iteration of our groundbreaking Conscious Leader programme, now being delivered worldwide as a virtual programme. An intensive personal development programme designed to transform the leaders of today into the game-changing, innovating, influential warriors of tomorrow. Courageous Leader is about raising your awareness of who you really are and using that as a platform to take bold, values-led action that will actually make a difference in the world.

Courageous Women

Resource future leaders

Courageous Women is a virtual interactive development programme designed to evolve the role of future women leaders and harness the unique perspective and contribution they bring. Participants learn how to embrace and express their own voice and style of authentic leadership with greater confidence and courage, as well as creating a purposeful vision of their next career step.

Courageous Teams

From ‘I’ to ‘We’

Individuals taking action can be the spark – but the real fire of change comes when groups of people take courageous action. We work with both fixed and dynamic teams to help them create a culture where they become more than the sum of their parts and become powerful generators of change. This may be through team coaching or our Courageous Teaming programme, both now being delivered globally as virtual programmes.

Courageous Coaching

Unleashing potential. Becoming your best

From 2021, our training and coaching programmes are available for virtual delivery worldwide. We have an amazing team of experienced coaches who deliver something very different from the average coaching experience. We draw on a range of different methodologies, and offer bespoke coaching experiences that mean you and your teams will receive powerful, personalised input to help them move to a whole new level of performance, and truly connect with the stuff that makes them effective at work and fulfilled in life.

Courageous Human Being

Consciously create the impact that you choose

An online programme designed to bring the principles of warriorship and courageous leadership to as broad an audience as possible. By raising awareness and encouraging them to experiment with different ways of being we open the door for participants to consciously choose the impact they have on the people and the world around them – to step up and into action, making the day-to-day courageous decisions that ultimately change the world.

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