Person lying down with book on face. Is this how we imagine rest?

On our recent webinar, Global Warriors facilitators Saralyn and Vanessa led a conversation around what it means to achieve a sense of mastery amidst these challenges.

Together we explored the concepts of resilience, grit, and grace, offering profound insights into personal and professional growth in turbulent times. 

You can watch the recording of the workshop on demand here.

This workshop was interactive, wholehearted, and insightful with plenty of tips you can apply straight away to your work. Here are 5 things we learned at the session.

#1 There’s A Dance Between Grit and Grace

Grit and grace are two complementary qualities that can help us when adapting to change. Grit represents resilience, perseverance, and the ability to push forward, often associated with achievement and determination. On the other hand, grace embodies softer qualities like compassion, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. Each of us has a unique relationship with these two concepts. Do you find one comes more readily to you when you’re faced with challenging circumstances? 

#2 The Core of Resilience? Embracing Emotions

In the workshop, we heard deeply personal stories and insights into how emotions, often neglected or misunderstood, profoundly influence resilience. Our emotional well-being and physical health are interconnected. Understanding and managing emotions emerged as a pivotal aspect of building resilience. We grow our capacity to embrace, understand, and harness the power of emotions. Watch the full conversation to understand more about why this is important, and how you can do this in your own life. 

#3 Crafting Supportive Practices 

At the core of the session, facilitators Saralyn and Vanessa introduced a model for crafting intentional practices around resilience. This exercise can help you identify strengths, vulnerabilities, and actionable steps towards enhancing resilience. By focusing on intentional practices, such as mindfulness, purpose-driven activities, and habits, we can begin to cultivate resilience in our daily lives. 

#4 Navigating Change and Uncertainty 

In a world filled with constant noise and distractions, mastering resilience involves intentional navigation of change and uncertainty. The discussion highlighted the need for self-awareness, adaptability, and a growth mindset. Vanessa shared insights into the challenges faced in team dynamics and organizational settings, where an overemphasis on grit can lead to burnout and reduced productivity. The webinar underscored the importance of intentional practices in fostering resilience amidst organizational and personal challenges. 

#5 Continuous Learning and Growth 

Finally, we concluded that resilience is not a fixed trait but a continuous process of learning and adaptation. We invite you to reflect on your evolving journey and the dynamic nature of resilience in different life stages and contexts. This will help you discover a mindset shift from viewing resilience as a trait to embracing it as a journey of self-discovery and growth. Learning to navigate emotions, nurture grace alongside grit, and cultivate intentional practices are part of our ongoing commitments towards mastering resilience.  

What will yours be? 

Listen to the workshop to find out. 

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