Person lying down with book on face. Is this how we imagine rest?

As 2023 comes to an end, we’ve chosen “Love in Action” as our seasonal theme.

Love has always been at the heart of our work here at Global Warriors. We’re on a mission to create a better future for our planet, and to do that each of us needs to bring our whole hearts to everything we do – whether it’s leading an organisation, sitting down to a 1:1 with a team member, or embracing your vision for your career.

For us, love isn’t just a buzzword or a nice-sounding concept. As Rachel Cargle, academic and activist, challenges:

“I don’t want your love and light if it doesn’t come with solidarity and action.”

Each one of our team is passionate about supporting human healing and growth, and we know it begins by putting our core values into practice.

We’re inspired by people like Greta Thunberg and Martin Luther King, people who stood up to deeply embedded power structures, seeking to achieve equality and justice through peaceful means of engagement and empathy, not force or war.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by everything that’s going on in the world – the harm, the violence, the oppression and the injustice.

We can find ourselves flooded with information and righteous opinions on what’s going on – and to feel as though by posting our “take” or engaging in debate we’re making a difference. But does the endless debate really change things? What the world needs more than ever is our love in action.

Love in Action is more than a feeling of wanting to make a change; it’s a choice, a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

It’s about embodying love through our actions, creating a ripple effect that touches hearts and inspires change.

As we navigate this increasingly frenetic world, we challenge you to choose action over rhetoric, compassion over apathy, and unity over division.

Through our collective acts of love, we can be the change in the systems we’re a part of. Systems with the power to truly change the world.

What does Love in Action mean for you?

We’d love to hear what Love in Action means for you, what it looks like and feels like. Let’s create the ripples of change fueled by Love in Action. Here are a few quotes from our team to inspire you…

“Love in action means practicing your boundaries. Love in action means telling someone when they have something in their teeth when they’re about to do a presentation. Love in action means opening up to trusted friends because you need a safe place to grow.” – Saralyn Hodgkin

“Taking time out of your busy work schedule to cook ‘soup for the soul’ for your kids sick at home ❤ The daily care for sickly parents or loved ones, which is taken in stride, and with love, as a matter of course.” – Gina Tritschler-Kirnberger

“In 2022 when Russia invaded Ukraine we couldn’t stay by and watch – as a family we welcomed a mother and daughter from Ukraine into our home who were strangers to us. They are now very much part of our family and loved not just by us but also our wider family. Together we continue to support them and make their lives a little better (hopefully) as they navigate a path they didn’t anticipate taking. This is what love in action means to me.” – Cheryl Bosher

“When we show appreciation, acknowledgement, respect, support, validation – we are showing love – this is love in action.” – Ruth Weddell

Big, small – responding to global events or supporting friends, colleagues and neighbours as they navigate the world – all of us have the opportunity to be love in action.

Come over to our LinkedIn and tell us how you’ll put love into action this festive season.


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