Courageous Women

Cultivate equality and resource future leaders

What is it?

Courageous Women is a virtual interactive development programme designed to evolve the role of future women leaders and harness the unique perspective and contribution they bring. Over the four-month period participants learn how to embrace and express their own voice and style of authentic leadership with greater confidence and courage, as well as creating a purposeful vision of their next career step.

A fundamental part of the Courageous Women ethos is to “raise your gaze” and so whilst this will be lifting participants up towards meeting their own potential they will also be supported to build mutually-supportive relationships with like-hearted others and make lasting connections across their organisation.

Why a women’s leadership programme?

A wealth of data from research, as well as our own experience, demonstrates that women are still an under-represented group in the workplace, and especially in leadership roles. We know that organisations face very real challenges developing and retaining gifted female leaders, whose experience is very different from their male counterparts. We feel passionate about creating spaces for women to learn, share their stories and build empowering networks together.

Who is it for?

Courageous Women is aimed at future women leaders at any level in an organisation. They may be early in their career, in a new role or simply wishing to take control of their career and make more of an impact through their work.

How do I know if Courageous Women is right for me?

 We’ve put together some of the most often asked questions on the right.  Just click on the ‘+’ to see the answers.

Do you need to be managing a team or have direct reports in order to participate in Courageous Women?

No – this programme is designed for women with aspirations to develop their leadership in whatever role they occupy, whether that’s leading a team or as an individual contributor, being able to influence and impact others at all levels in the organisation.

How long is the programme?

This programme has been developed as a virtual programme running over 4 months, with a mixture of virtual sessions, coaching, guided homework, and resources to enable participants to test out and integrate their learnings. Development comes in all shapes, sizes and timeframes. So whilst we believe any development can have an impact, we do know that deeper sustainable change requires investment and time.

Is there a shortened version?

We always work alongside our clients to tailor bespoke programmes that meet their specific requirements. And, we firmly believe that the quality of the investment you put in is commensurate to the results you get out. With that in mind, we’re happy to discuss what might be possible in the timeframe you have available.

Does it need to be called ‘Courageous Women’?

No! This is the name that we use to describe the style and approach of the work we do, but its more important that the name fits the culture and meaning within the team or organisation that it is being applied within. We can change it up if you think that would be helpful.


The next evolutionary leap of leadership

Take a look at Our Philosophy and you’ll see that our firm belief is that a new model of leadership is needed to take the world into the next phase of its evolution – that the time has come to make the leap from leadership to warriorship. Our aim is to be the pioneers of this work, and we are currently in the process of designing programmes to awaken the warrior within. Read our blog for more on our take on warriorship and its role in the world. And keep an eye on these pages for news about our first warriorship programmes!

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