Courageous Teams

From 'I' to 'We'

What is it?

Why do some teams thrive while others stagnate? Why do some create real change while others struggle to make any kind of impact? Research has shown that it’s rarely down to the individual abilities (or lack of) of the team members. There are certain systemic qualities that allow certain teams to radically transcend the sum of their parts – to massively overachieve – while others struggle. 

We work with teams to help raise their awareness of relationship dynamics and their impact, and use this awareness to create the conditions not just for success today, but for the future too. Research into Relationship Systems Intelligence™* has shown that teams which have an understanding of who they are as a whole – not just as a collection of individuals – tend to be happier, more innovative, and way more influential and impactful in what they do.

We work with both fixed and dynamic teams through either one-off, bespoke team coaching interventions, or through our Courageous Teaming Programme. We will partner with you to co-design exactly the work your team needs to help it go to the next level.

You can expect team development work with us to result it:

  • Better relationships and communication
  • Improved team spirit, productivity and retention
  • Improved inter-departmental cooperation and less working in silos
  • More effective conflict resolution
  • More innovation and creativity
  • Stronger shared vision, bolder collective action

*Relationship Systems Intelligence™ is founded by CRR Global

Who is it for?

Our Courageous Teams interventions are for any team that wants to take the next evolutionary step in its development. This may be a team that is experiencing problems or issues of some kind – breakdown in communication, toxic conflict, underperformance, lack of alignment or shared vision. It could equally be a team that is performing well, but wants to make the transition from good to great – or from great to exceptional! We believe in the concept of ‘marginal gains’ – the idea popularized by Chris Brailsford of Team Sky Cycling, that a 1% improvement in everything that you do will result in a remarkable improvement over time.

How do I know if Courageous Teams is right for our organisation?

We’ve put together some of the most often asked questions on the right.  Just click on the ‘+’ to see the answers.

How long is team intervention?

This will depend on the nature of the organisation and the team, and the challenges the team is facing. Team interventions can be anything from a one-off team coaching session through to a fuller team development programme such as Courageous Teams (for intact teams) or Courageous Teaming (for dynamic teams). We believe that the greater the investment you are willing to put in, the better the results that will emerge.

It’s always hard to gather the whole team at the same time – will that be a problem?

In today’s fast and vast world, with teams operating across multiple timezones, this is an increasing problem for us all. Even in a virtual format, finding a way for everyone to be present simultaneously is a challenge. And, if we don’t make the necessary commitment and investment, it comes at a cost. We will explore options with you within the context of the boundaries and challenges that you may face in terms of geography and time. We will work with you to find a creative solution. And we will challenge you to do whatever it takes to create an environment where the team can really benefit from some quality work together.

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