Courageous Human Being

Consciously create the impact that you choose

What is it?

Courageous Human Being is a highly interactive, 16-week virtual learning programme. The aim is to help participants raise their awareness of themselves, their thinking patterns, their habits, and the way they interact with others – and to then use that as a platform to take courageous action. As human beings we tend to run on autopilot most of the time – and while this is sometimes fine, it means that we can become stuck in our ways, resistant to change, and slow to embrace opportunities. Courageous Human Being is a powerful way of encouraging participants to become active players in their work and lives, rather than passive observers.

Created by Global Warriors and 4D Human Being Courageous Human Being explores personal drivers such as strengths, energy, impact, values, purpose and co-creation and looks at how to turn conflict into collaboration and creativity. Whether at work or at home Courageous Human Being will challenge and empower you to consciously create the impact you choose – everyday single day.

Who is it for?

Anyone living and working in the world today! We live in a world that is faster, more connected, more demanding than ever before. Most people work in teams where collaborating virtually is the norm and face-to-face contact is rare. How can we thrive, actually show up as our true and best selves, and truly make a difference in this context?

Courageous Human Being is ideal for anyone curious about how to introduce their team or organisation to a more conscious and aware way of living and working – and to use this as a platform to build a culture of courageous citizens. As an online learning programme it is ideal for virtual teams or those with a limited travel budget. It requires an investment of as little as two hours a week from participants, but the impact could be of tremendous significance for them and those they live and work with.


How do I know if Courageous Human Being is right for me?

 We’ve put together some of the most often asked questions on the right.  Just click on the ‘+’ to see the answers.

Who is this programme for?

Courageous Human Being is intended to help anyone raise their awareness of themselves, their thinking patterns, their habits, and the way they interact with others. It’s for people at any level in and organisation or team who want to start their development journey. 

Do I need to do this as well as Courageous Leader?

No. If you have done Courageous Human Being you can go on to do Courageous Leader, but not vice versa

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