Zana Goic Petricevic

Zana Goic Petricevic

Zana is an executive leadership coach, team coach and training facilitator. She is also a leadership game changer, a status quo challenger and a personal growth embracer. Zana has been trained with internationally recognised coaching and leadership development schools and is PCC accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Prior to moving into executive coaching and leadership development, Zana spent 10 years working in petroleum and pharmaceutical companies. Most of her corporate experience comes from a regional oil and gas industry where she held a position of a corporate communications director.  

Now, Zana is all about developing consciously bold leaders ready to live and lead from a place of integrity. She equals personal growth with success, firmly believing that when leaders break through their illusions of knowing and safety into fully honouring their own authenticity and integrity, they can truly lead their organisations into purposeful achievement.

Her life-long mission is to cultivate bolder individual and collective leadership within organisations in service of creating a more sustainable and meaningful world.

Zana is passionate about holding deep and vulnerable leadership conversations in which she helps leaders face their own truth in a self-aware manner and take a stand for what matters most from the place of an authentic bold leadership. In order to facilitate the paradigm shift for leaders and their teams, she brings hard-loving truth, depth, wisdom and accountability.

Zana is a fascinated explorer of adult development and how it impacts leadership; she is a life-long learner and feels most alive surrounded by books and immersed in deep conversations. She is a mother of 5-year old and a step-mother of 22 and 26-year olds, all three of them being her life teachers in both loving and edgy manner.  

Words of Warrior Wisdom:

“There is no safe way to be great, and, there is no great way to be safe. Leadership is inherently risky.” So, the only true leadership path is the one of courage and boldness. The question is – why want to be safe, when you can be great?