Xenia Dixon

Xenia Dixon

Xenia (pronounced ‘Zenya’) is a member of our growing Global Warriors’ Ops team. Much valued, she brings a robust sense of organisation and order to all aspects of the Global Warriors world!

Having originally trained as a PE and Art teacher, Xenia quickly realised she was drawn to working with young people with ‘different’ needs. Her 20+ year teaching career, spanned across many education sectors including special and mainstream schools, before specialising in working around young people with difficult and dangerous behaviour and children in care.

With a strong belief that all behaviour is communication, Xenia’s work with educators often took place during times of challenge and she thrives on building trusting relationships, to jointly find workable solutions and enable successful outcomes.

Xenia has supported and trained many education and care professionals around the impact of attachment and trauma, Restorative Mediation, Circles of Adults, Protective Behaviours, Mindfulness and therapeutic approaches to behaviour management. She has also led establishment wide projects, focussing on best practice.

Xenia was extremely drawn to the Global Warriors philosophy of leading with courage, openness and heart, and passionately believes in demonstrating this through her roles in education and project management.

Xenia lives in Central Cambridge, with her husband and three children. When she’s not lifting weights or stepping on her twins’ Lego, she can be found at bootcamp sessions, taking long walks by the river (with coffee!), spending time with her friends and enjoying regular visits to the Lake District.