Vanessa May

Vanessa May

Vanessa is an executive coach, trainer, facilitator & OD consultant who is able to provoke reflection, positivity and possibility in others. She brings both experience of a variety of sectors and industries including ariline, financial services, hospitality management, NHS and not for profit sector.  She has a passion for systemic leadership and creating right relationship with self and others and works with individuals, couples, partnerships and teams. 

Vanessa believes the quality of our relationships makes a real difference to how successful and happy we are – at work and in our personal lives. Her style is warm, intuitive, empathetic and challenging and her ability to really connect with people helps create safety and trust to open up, explore what’s going on and create new awareness, choice and transformation. Her knowledge of burnout and resilience, emotional intelligence and neuroscience informs her approach. 

She is a firm believer that our psychology gives insight and our intuitive and feeling body holds deep wisdom and is often the gate to transformation. Clients are really encouraged to be curious and compassionate with themselves as they increase their consciousness, explore new ways of being and doing, take charge and make clear, intentional choices. In her own life she practices running, yoga, breathwork and shamanism and loves her journeys through nature with Esther, her mini Schnauzer. 

Words of Warrior Wisdom:

We are always practicing something and we become what we practice. If we’re practicing not doing something, there’s a reason for that. We can notice, feel and allow it and simply recommit. In my experience that’s so much better than beating myself up!