Ruth Fraser

Ruth Fraser

Ruth is an Executive and Leadership Coach and is the Global Warriors Coaching “champion”. Coaching is her passion and work focus.

Prior to establishing her Executive Coaching practice in 2008, she worked in the corporate and voluntary sectors for over 25 years, including a career in the financial sector, HR Director with a Global Humanitarian organisation with 1500 international staff and a team of 35. A Board trustee member for an HR professional body, Ruth has over 10 years’ experience as a senior leader, working with a wide range of people in a variety of situations.

She works to support leaders achieve even greater performance, tasting more of their own unique style and success. People and effective working environments matter to her. Sometimes, for shorthand, she will say that coaching gives clarity, insight, and action. But it is also about getting you to somewhere different than you may have got to on your own; or faster than you would have got there on your own. The objective is to support the coachee to be successful on their terms. 

She brings a combination of corporate experience, voluntary sector experience at Executive team level, HR with a focus on people, team, and leadership development, together with formal coaching training. She trained with Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and the Academy of Coaching Excellence.

Ruth coaches clients from a variety of sectors and business and professional backgrounds: a privilege and hugely rewarding. Clients have said Ruth’s insight, creativity, intuition, warmth and pragmatic approach make the coaching partnership enjoyable and worthwhile.

She has cross-cultural experience, having travelled in a work capacity to teams and employees in Afghanistan, Peru, Honduras, India, Nepal, Tunisia, and South Sudan.

Ruth has Scottish roots, which mean a lot to her – maybe that’s one reason why she loves the countryside, wide open spaces and beauty! Like many, Ruth is a collector of books (sometimes has time to read them!) loves eating out and enjoys family and friends time. Gardening has many happy memories attached to it and recently she’s doing this more. Simple pleasures!

Words of Warrior Wisdom:

Get to know what you really want, be more of yourself, keep taking small steps, be prepared to explore, try things out and notice your life and career flourish in ways that give you real satisfaction.