Katja Mueller

Katja Mueller

Katja has been an international leadership and team coach and facilitator for over ten years. She is also a faculty member for the industry leader in coach training, the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), for whom she works globally. She serves as a bilingual Executive and Team Coach and Workshop leader for the high potentials of KPMG, Porsche and the Executive MBA programs of the Mannheim Business School as well as doing probono work for an orphanage in Ludwigshafen.

Having witnessed too many talented people shut down in toxic work environments, she is dedicated to empowering individuals and teams in the corporate world to create higher levels of trust and to align them with their unique capabilities and passion. All of this in the pursuit of creating meaning, value, the best possible results and enjoying the place where you spend most of your waking hours: your work. Especially in difficult circumstances, clients appreciate her optimistic sunny soul, her contagious belief in human potential, and her love for life. 

Having lived in different countries for a big part of her life, Katja loves operating across and exploring different cultures and finding true value in diversity. 

In her free time Katja loves adventures and engaging her body and soul rather than her brain. Body: Dancing, swimming, hiking, yoga. Soul: Connecting and having fun with her kids, husband and friends; meditation, travelling, being in nature. 


Words of Warrior Wisdom:

I like to take a stand for joy in our life and fiercely believe that laughter, authenticity and connection lubricate leading and inspire excellence.