Jing Ye

Jing Ye

Jing is based in China and is a leadership/relationship/system coach. She has travelled extensively in her life and has spent many years living and working in Canada and USA. Jing brings 30 years’ experience of working globally in the fields of legal, IT, consulting and training. With 16 years’ coaching experience around the world, she brings an expertise in leadership, coaching, mentoring, creative problem-solving and cross-cultural collaboration.

Jing has headed up various different programmes over the years and is a trainer, certification leader, mentor coach and examiner at the Coaches’ Training Institute Faculty. She has customised and integrated coaching solutions for organisations of all sizes including Ford, Volvo, IBM, Ikea, Siemens and Accenture.

Jing’s driving force is improving leadership and team effectiveness by working together with her clients, and she succeeds in her work by integrating psychology and other disciplines to create a holistic approach.

She is the co-creator of Spring Pathway Positive Development System and integrates this program me with design thinking and customer experiences to support the innovation and creativity for both organisations and individuals. Her coaching style is ‘inside-out’, creative and adopts a whole system view.

Jing loves travel and embracing different cultures around the world. She currently lives in China and enjoys learning traditional Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture.

Words of Warrior Wisdom:

People and organisations are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.