Emma Taylor

Emma Taylor

Emma has worked as a successful CIPD qualified HR professional for the past 22 years in a variety of industries including IT Software, FMCG, Property & Investment Management, Healthcare and Hospitality. She is a Leadership expert, a Horse assisted educator and an extremely accomplished horsewoman.

Emma has coached and led Senior Management Teams and Business Leaders within small, medium and large corporates. She understands the vision and values of different organisations, key business operating models and business drivers. She works with horses to help participants identify default patterns of behaviour, build better relationships and communicate more effectively; and through this work comes confidence and trust.

Emma combines bold, visionary thinking with transparency, vulnerability and humility. Her manner of working creates profound learning experiences for both individuals and teams, which in turn lead to sustainable behavioural change.

Emma intuitively knows when to challenge people to realise their potential and when to allow space for the learning to unfold naturally. She creates a powerful learning environment and a safe space for people to explore new ways of leading.

Words of Warrior Wisdom:

Horses have an innate understanding of the way we, human beings, operate. We operate in teams, so do they; we look for security and confidence, so do they; we look up to leaders, so do they. Horses mirror non-verbal communication and provide non-judgmental feedback. Experiencing this enables individuals and teams to modify their leadership behaviours and improve their results.