David Evans

David Evans


David has been coaching since 2005, and is a senior coach and facilitator for Global Warriors.

As a leadership coach, team coach and workshop facilitator, he loves creating transformative experiences that are in service of his clients living more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

  • Certified Organizational Relationship Systems (ORSCC) practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Licensed practitioner of the Leadership Circle Profile system
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique ) and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner
  • Student-practitioner of Non-Violent Communication.

David’s work is also influenced and shaped by his long-standing study and practice of Aikido and Zen Meditation, which brings a rich energy of wisdom and aliveness to his facilitation, making mindfulness accessible for leaders in the 21st century. He takes a leading role in our mindfulness offerings. 

David previously specialised in developing software teams and companies – soon recognising that often what held teams back was not a lack of intelligence and knowledge, but the quality of working relationships. Despite often toxic environments he was moved and inspired by the transformation individuals and teams underwent with application of coaching tools, and the positive impact relationships founded on trust and respect had on both culture and profitability.

He went on to cofound a software company focused on the leadership development of the employees, with a relational and trust based culture. Through this work, David became committed to the empowering belief that through cultivating our inner landscape and mindsets, leadership is available to all. We can make magic and transformation happen in the workplace. 

Alongside his work with Global Warriors, David works internationally with a range of organisations: finance, creative agencies, technology, small & medium enterprises, charities and social enterprises. He also hosts a weekly Mindfulness Café, a virtual meditation practice space. 

David lives on the South coast of England with his partner. He loves reading; running by the sea; spin classes; and practising his guitar.

Words of Warrior Wisdom:

“There are an infinite number of seats in the theatre of happiness – one of them has your name on it. It is up to you to buy the ticket.”