Our Philosophy
From Leadership to Warriorship

The world is changing rapidly and old ways of leading

are not taking us where we need to go

Hi, we are Global Warriors

At Global Warriors, we work with people from pioneering, market-leading organisations to help them become the leaders we need in an increasingly complex, fragmented, pressurised world.

We believe that the days of traditional ‘leadership development’ and ‘skills training’ are over. We believe that the demands of the modern world mean we need a new type of leader – a more conscious leader, one who has what it takes to be successful in the short-term, and also create a world that will support our children and grandchildren.

We believe that in the world we inhabit today requires people who are not just leaders, but warriors.

Warriors lead with courage

We’re talking about the courage to take risks and innovate, even when the safer option might be to keep your head down.

We’re talking about the courage to speak up for what you really, actually believe in, even though others might disagree, maybe even people with more power than you.

We’re talking about the courage to actually be in the game, trying to make a difference, rather than criticising from the safety of the sidelines

Warriors lead with openness.

We’re talking about really being open to all aspects of who you are, even the parts that you don’t like – actually looking in the mirror and seeing who is looking back.

We’re talking about being open to other peoples’ opinions, even when they are different to yours, or challenge your core beliefs.

Warriors lead with heart.

We’re talking about doing what needs to be done without losing your humanity. In fact, we’re talking about being led in everything you do by love.

Love for all – family and strangers, friends and opponents.

Too many of us sleepwalk through our lives – unconscious to what is going on inside us and around us. If you wake up to who you really are and the impact in the world that you want to create, others around you will wake up too.

That’s what we are here to do. Our mission is to inspire the next generation of leaders to discover who they are, and to put that knowledge to work in the world. We want to create a world of warriors.

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