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Warriorship is a way of seeing the world.
Here is the world as we see it.
We welcome guest blogs from Conscious Leader or Conscious Human Being graduates – or, indeed, from anyone interested in the principles of consciousness and warriorship.

Shedding the Armour of Cynicism

Do you want to hear a joke? “How can you tell if someone is a vegan?” “Don’t worry, they’ll fucking tell you” I remember hearing this for the first time. I laughed hard. And then I set to work mentally storing it away – I’m terrible at remembering jokes, and I wanted...

Why Warriorship? Lessons from the next generation.

Life in 2018 can be stressful. We can all agree on that, right? Watching the news is stressful. Going on the Internet and engaging with social media is stressful. Earlier this year I was reading an article about the 10th anniversary of the credit crunch and I found...

Trust in 21st Century – Part 2: Outer

Trust-full Relationships Read the second article in our 3-part series, where we look at trust in 21st Century: trust with ourselves, trust with others and trust in the wider world. How can we use trust to help us navigate uncertainty? And how might it bring more depth...

Trust in 21st Century – Part 1: Inner

Live with trustOver the next few weeks, Global Warrior’s will be releasing a series of articles exploring trust in the 21st Century: trust with ourselves, trust with others and trust in the wider world. Trust is the basis around which all of our human relationships...

Conscious Recommended Reading

Our ‘conscious’ work has been informed and influenced by so many of our own work and professional experiences, training and development, mentors, inspirational role models and ‘hero’s’, reading and research. We are often asked what reading we would recommend that...

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