Biba Binotti

Biba Binotti


Biba Binotti (CPCC, ACC, CIPD, ORSCC) is the founder of Global Warriors with over 16 years’ experience in the fields of counselling, mediation, coaching, and leadership development. She combines her professional development expertise with 18 years of corporate leadership in marketing, sales and change management roles and has worked across private, public and third sector organisations.

Biba is dedicated to enabling people to build real, conscious, intentional relationships. She is passionate about continuous improvement and creating breathtaking and sustainable change.

She believes in people being fully alive in what they do and who they are and challenges people to go beyond what they believe is possible. Likewise, she leads by example and is committed to doing what it takes to get the best growth for that individual, team or organisation.

Her other passions include chai tea lattes, the paradox of Green and Black’s chocolate with a keen interest in positive health, running, yoga and adventures.