True wisdom

What would it be like to look at an issue, a person or ourselves without our bias, ego or personal opinion? How might it be to know that even in the worst scenario or the part of ourselves we dislike the most… there is wisdom?

Staying with yourself, others and situations can start to show us the truth, the wisdom and potential for learning that lies within them. It can also show us things about ourselves that we prefer not to acknowledge. Putting aside our personal opinions can be a courageous thing to do and opens up possibility.

Think of a relationship or situation that is difficult for you…what service do your personal opinions have to you in this scenario and what do they prevent or limit?

If you came to the situation without those for a moment, what would you know, what is true and what is possible for the relationship or situation to move forward?

The truly aware leader stops and considers, then makes a conscious and intentional choice to look fully and act within their values.

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