TFTW: Redefining joy

Wouldn’t life be simpler if the only courage we needed was to stand up to the “bad guys” and their dastardly plans?

But this isn’t an action movie. The courage we need can come in many forms. It might be asking for what you need from people you care about; it might be telling a mentor or close colleague you don’t agree with their idea.

Notice if an opportunity arises this week to stand up to someone who you usually agree with. Observe how you go about it whilst maintaining the relationship.

The wonderful thing about realizing this is that it reminds us that courage always goes hand in hand with kindness. When we practice standing up for our values with those closest to us, as well as those whose values seem very different from our own, we learn to express ourselves respectfully.

We honour those we disagree with, and find ways to foster dialogue and communication. To maintain connection even when our opinions diverge.

The world needs much more of this, don’t you think?

Now, consider how you could begin to introduce that into your life and work now. Could that, paradoxically, be the tipping point that accelerates you toward your goal?

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