Who are you?

What do you stand for?

What will you do?

At Global Warriors we equip the next generation of leaders to embrace uncertainty, cross edges, and take courageous action.


The Power of trying (and failing!)

As we come towards the end of February, how are your new year’s intentions, resolutions or goals faring? If they’ve already flexed and shifted from your original plan - a gym session skipped here; a new habit dropped there - console yourself with the knowledge that...

Courageous Leaders

Turning managers into leaders, turning leaders into warriors.

Courageous Human Being

You can create a whole workforce of conscious, courageous citizens.

Courageous Teams

The best teams radically transcend the sum of their parts – here is how we can help your teams thrive and make an impact.

Courageous Coaching

How can we help you embrace your full potential – as a person and as a leader?

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