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At Global Warriors we equip the next generation of leaders to embrace uncertainty, cross edges, and take courageous action.

A sideways look at burnout

The WHO describes the symptoms of burnout as "Tiredness, cynicism, reduced efficacy". Could it be that all of us are burnt out? And what does that have to teach us about building the organisations of the future?

The New Landscape of Career Success

Redefining career success in today's post-covid world. What factors have gone into reshaping what we think of as successful - and how can you create your own definition of success?

A different take on “confidence”

As leaders, rather than focusing on confidence per se, we would perhaps do better to focus on creating genuinely accepting spaces where people can show up in a way that feels natural and appropriate to them.

Courageous Leaders

Turning managers into leaders, turning leaders into warriors.

Courageous Human Being

You can create a whole workforce of conscious, courageous citizens.

Courageous Teams

The best teams radically transcend the sum of their parts – here is how we can help your teams thrive and make an impact.

Courageous Coaching

How can we help you embrace your full potential – as a person and as a leader?

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