Co-creation is a vital aspect of Global Warriors’ programmes. Here, our Warrior team colleague, Duncan Muller reflects on his recent experience leading two new groups in the States.

The Courageous Leaders programme develops more conscious and more courageous leadership and asks leaders to confront their limiting beliefs, cross their edges and step into who they’re becoming. What might be less known is the amount of self-reflection and co-creation the co-delivery team also undergoes in order to help them achieve this.

Recently, my experience of co-leading two four-day back-to-back Intensives in the States was… well, so intense, so profound that I’d describe it as soul-enriching, maybe even life-changing. Because finally, after months of working on myself, of challenging myself, I was finally able to put aside some old unhelpful stories I was telling myself and cross my own edges.

Because I knew I had this… the content and the intentions were clear in my head. I knew where we were going. What was different this time was that I believed in myself. I trusted myself. And I trusted my co-delivery teams.

I knew that I could bring authority to the room. I knew I could lead the people in the room. And I did.

And… lead my way, in my unique style. Because, I delivered my vulnerability, humour and energy consciously, in service of the cohort’s learning.

I felt so empowered, so fulfilled, standing in my I Am. To live my purpose, to be my purpose. To know that doing this work is why I am here. To know that me, being me creates more impact in the room. To know that I absolutely am enough.

At night, I luxuriated in all this, listening to Elbow’s ‘The night will always win’ which had tears of total joy and utter fulfilment running down my cheeks. I must be the luckiest guy in the world.

My learning is to remain open to influence and challenge, to be curious, and crucially, to trust yourself. To find your unique gift, then give it away.

So, what now? Well, I’m owning who I am and what I bring to this work.

And I’m so grateful to be able to do this work with Global Warriors, for all those wonderful leaders who’ve been on the programme and for my Warrior colleagues who’ve taught me loads over the years.

Thank you.

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