Carole Adams

Carole Adams

 Carole is a Coach and Facilitator with Global Warriors. Previously, she led two non-profit organisations over a period of thirteen years.  As CEO she provided positive and effective leadership of professional staff and collaborated with Boards of Trustees to provide strategic vision and direction. Her substantial leadership experience informs her work as an Individual and Team Coach and enables her to support a diverse range of clients to achieve their full potential in life, career and leadership.

Carole is trained in a range of coaching models and therapeutic techniques and successfully uses an integrative approach in her work with clients.  At the core of her approach is systemic thinking.  She studied Relationship Systems Coaching with CRR Global and has gone onto study an advanced “Systemic Consciousness” course, which takes a deep dive into the underlying systemic principles.  

Carole’s clients find her warm, grounded style of coaching creates space for them to grow and thrive in all aspects of their life. A space in which they can gain insights, make congruent decisions and create successful strategies to achieve life, career and leadership goals. They appreciate her own substantial experience in Leadership and her down-to-earth, practical approach.

She lives in London with her 19-year-old son Jude and their ginger cat Finn.  Her ideal day off would be spent enjoying a long walk – perhaps along the Thames Path.  She would either be deep in conversation with a friend or if walking alone would be listening to an audiobook, podcast or simply taking the space to dream.  


Words of Warrior Wisdom:

To quote Kristin Neff: “Talk to yourself as you would a dear friend”.  Self-compassion is at the core of having a better relationship with ourselves.  Not only does it make us happier but also more resilient productive and connected.  It’s a life-long practice and well worth the effort!