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Warriorship is a way of seeing the world.
Here is the world as we see it.

We welcome guest blogs from anyone who has graduated from one of our programmes – or, indeed, from anyone interested in the principles of consciousness, courageous action, and warriorship.

Life on the Edge: How fear can help you scale new heights

Life on the Edge: How fear can help you scale new heights

As human beings we are meant to feel fear. We’ve evolved to experience this emotion for a reason. At the most basic level, fear helps to keep us alive and has contributed to our species’ survival for the past 200,000 years. At Global Warriors we talk about ‘the Edge’ – the dividing point between the comfortable and the uncomfortable, the known and the unknown, the familiar and the unfamiliar. The question is, how do you engage with the stories that your mind naturally, healthily throws at you as you stand at the Edge?

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